Top Best Gel Food Colorings – Which One Is Suitable For You?

Now, food coloring is no longer too strange to us, especially in cake parties. But how to choose the best gel food colorings is not simple. Specifically, many people will have many difficulties in distinguishing colors and choosing specific colors for their dishes. The reason is that they do not have a thorough understanding of the color they are using.

Our top 5 food coloring reviews below will provide you with the most outstanding features of each. In addition, the article will also try to point out their specific advantages and disadvantages, helping you find the best product according to your interests. Let’s find out!

Best Gel Food Colorings – Quick Comparison

Product images Product name Editor's rating Price
Food Coloring Liqua-Gel 12 PK 4.9

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Wilton Gel Food Color Set 4.8

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Food Coloring AmeriColor Student Kit 4.8

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18 Color Cake Food Coloring Liqua 4.7

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Wilton Icing Colors 4.6

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5 Best Gel Food Colorings Should Be In Your Kitchen

#1 – Liqua-gel 12 Pk – Best For Baking And Decorating

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If you are looking for the perfect decoration for your cakes, the Liqua – Gel 12 PK is a great choice.

The colors are quite diverse, with primary color tones such as black, blue, red, or yellow. Each type has a bold, light change to create 12 different versions but still keep the freshness, Therefore, this food coloring is suitable when making a cream coating on the cake because they have bright colors and are very attractive. This will make your party even more brilliant.

According to my personal experience, their color did not change much even after baking. Moreover, this food color has a gel-like design, does not melt nor clump, so it is also trendy.

Liqua – Gel 12 PK will have a slightly unpleasant smell if you use a large gel amount. You just need to put add a few drops into the cream or cake to create eye-catching colors while ensuring the taste.


  • Bright colors
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Gel form


  • Unpleasant taste if used a lot

#2 – Wilton Neon Gel Color Set – Best For Saving

The Latest Price

Wilton Neon Color Set is one of the most popular food colorings available today. In the past, you would often have to use a large number of pigments to get a satisfying cake. With this real Wilton, it will only take you a few drops to create the color you like. This is the unique feature that this color can bring. 

For example, if you are looking to color a large bowl of butter, 1 drop is perfect. In addition, 1 box of 500g butter will only cost you 2 drops of this Wilton coloring, which is enough for the bright. 

This food color is designed in gel form but reasonable liquid gel. Therefore, when taking the tube out of the box, you need to be careful to avoid wasting the liquid inside.


  • Just use a small amount
  • Bright and vivid colors
  • Colorful


  • Liquid gel liquid

#3 – Americolor Student Kit – Best For Color Fastness

The Latest Price

AmeriColor Student Kit is extremely durable and popular that all families should have in the kitchen. This set has outstanding colorfastness compared to any other product. You will not have to worry about the color fading after a short while. The color produced by this kit does not appear to change even when you put it in the oven.

Different from the two types of food colors introduced above, AmeriColor Kit is no less brilliant and eye-catching. Along with that is the variety of 12 colors, helping you easily choose or coordinate the tones you want.

The color fastness keeps your dish looking good but can also be inconvenient for you. Because when you cook, it will be difficult to avoid discoloring your clothes. As a result, it will be nearly impossible to eliminate them completely. A little tip for you when using gels is to wear an apron when cooking is essential.


  • Colorfastness
  • Only need a small amount
  • True color


  • Difficult to remove when shooting on clothes

#4 – 18 Color Cake Food Coloring Liqua-gel Set – Best For Diversity

The Latest Price

Speaking of the color variety, you might consider this 18 Color Cake Liqua-Gel Set. If the other sets only have about 12 colors, you can own up to 18 different ones in this product. This kit includes 12 primary colors and 6 neon colors. 

Liqua-Gel colors are suitable for any level of cake decoration. It has always been a choice that decorators recommend for many years.

However, with this US cake supply’s product, you may have to give a little more time to create the right shade.


  • Various colors
  • Beautiful bottle design
  • Easy to distinguish  colors in jars


  • Need to use a lot to create the desired color

#5 – Wilton Icing Colors – Best For Concentration

The Latest Price

When it comes to drop-by-drop concentration, it would be a shame if your kitchen didn’t have a Wilton Icing Color set. This high concentration also helps to make the color of the cake more precise. They are indeed the perfect choice for your ice cream.

The colorant is designed to be concentrated, packed in a beautiful small bottle. When cooking with this gel, you only need to use a very small amount to make your food more eye-catching. The product set includes 12 different colors.

However, this type of color is not appreciated for the container design because the user has many difficulties getting the ingredients inside. You can use a toothpick to open the protective cap. But this can cause an uncontrolled spillage.


  • Solid colorants
  • Variety of colors
  • The corresponding bottle’s color


  • Difficulty removing color from the bottle


Is Gel Food Color Better Than Liquid?

Compared to liquid food colors, it seems that gel colors are better in both fastness and concentration. Using gel color means you will add more water to your dishes. This can dilute the cream, even ruining your recipe if trying to achieve a more profound or brighter color.

In addition, the concentration of liquid food coloring is usually higher than that of gel coloring, so you only need to use a small amount.


Is Gel Food Coloring Bad For You?

There is no specific evidence to suggest the dangers of gel food coloring or artificial food colorants in general.

On the other hand, many colors are derived entirely from nature, such as fruits and plants on the market. We also often only use coloring in negligible amounts. Therefore, you can feel more secure when using these colors.

Can You Create Your Food Coloring?

Yes, you can also create your favorite colors by pureeing fresh vegetables or using powdered ingredients.

However, there will be foods with beautiful colors that cause a rather unpleasant odor. When these colors are added to a cake, the cream can overwhelm the dish’s flavor or make it no longer as delicious as before. And you also have to spend a lot of time if you want to create natural food colorings.

How Long Can Gel Food Color Last?

Usually, gel food colors have a long holding time. You can rest assured that the cakes’ color will be difficult to fade or change when using this product.

How Do You Use Gel Food Coloring?

With a relatively dense body, you just need to add a few drops into the food you want to color and mix well. It’s pretty easy to use them to paint anything because the simple thing is to dilute them with water.

Can You Mix Gel Food Coloring?

Like liquid food colors, you can thoroughly mix gel food colors to get the color you want. The combination of colors will make your dishes more colorful.

Does Walmart Have A Gel Food Colorant?

Walmart currently has a wide range of gel food colors to choose from. This is a reputable address, so you will not be disappointed when you come here.

How Do You Make Homemade Gel Food Coloring?

You can create a gel food color with just basic ingredients. Please perform the following steps one by one:

  • First, mix a little cold water with cornstarch.
  • Add corn syrup and white vanilla to make a slightly thick mixture.
  • Then, microwave this mixture for 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes, until it turns transparent.
  • Let the mixture cool and occasionally beat to avoid clumping.
  • In the end, you just need to add food dye to create the desired color.

Which Brand’s Food Color Is Best For The Cake?

You can refer to some famous brands of food coloring like Wilton, AMERICOLOR, or Liqua – gel. These prestigious brands not only guarantee safety but also ensure eye-catching colors.


With the 5 best gel food colorings above, you can turn every dish into a sweet work of art. If you like the variety of colors, you can choose the 18 Color Cake Liqua-Gel Set. Besides, AmeriColor Student Kit may attract you more about the colorfastness when decorating the cakes. 

We hope you find this article is helpful. Thank you for reading!

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